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Do you want to know how best to fight your cancer?

Chris Woollams

Chris Woollams’ 2018 speech details

The 2018 speech is entitled ‘Cancer is reversible’ and it is a step on from last year’s ‘Increasing your Personal Odds of Survival’. We are also going to do something completely different. The speech will be in two parts:-

General steps to fight cancer

In the first hour, I’m going to explain exactly how we now know that cancer is a reversible metabolic disease and tell you some key overall steps you need to take in your cancer fighting plan. And we’ll cover some case histories.

3 to 5 + 2 

But in the second part, I am going to take some key cancers – for example, breast, prostate, colorectal, ovarian, lung, pancreatic, leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, brain cancer and I am going to tell you the specific issues that you have to address in each one, totally off the cuff, no slides, no notes. 3 – 5 minutes from me, plus 2 or 3 questions you ask. We are going to put the stop watch on each. It should be really enlightening and really great fun.

All in all – research, issues, genuine advances and things you can incorporate immediately into your own ‘Cancer Survival Programme’.

Bring your oncologist or doctor – I promise you and they will learn lots!!

The good news is that we have extended the room for both sessions and we have another 50 tickets on sale.

How to book?

Venue – The HILTON HOTEL, BRACKNELL on Sunday 30th September 2018. PRE-BOOKING ONLY

MORNING SPEECH – 10.30 until 1 pm (includes refreshment break); Registration from 10.00 am. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

AFTERNOON SPEECH – 2.30 until 5 pm (includes refreshment break); Registration from 2.00 pm. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

There is only ONE QUESTION: Can you afford to miss this?

                                                                                    See you there!




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