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How to lower your blood triglycerides



Having high triglycerides in the blood stream has been linked to and increased risk of heart attacks and strokes and to the spread of cancer. Here’s how you cut your Triglyceride levels.


1. Eat more soluble fiber  – whole oats and pulses like lentils are good; add flaxseed.


2. Cut sugar and fructose consumption drastically; cut refined carbohydrates


3.Cut saturated fat consumption – cows’ dairy, fatty meats and processed meats


4.Switch to good fats like extra virgin olive oil and fish oils. Eat a colourful Mediterranean diet – a Rainbow Diet.


5.Eat more nuts like walnuts and almonds


6.Substitute fish for meat


7.Eat garlic


8.Take moderate exercise for an hour a day –  get out of breath for 30 minutes


9. Limit alcohol to 3 glasses of red wine a week.


10.Lose weight – be the correct weight for your height or slightly below


11. Don’t have a fatty liver


12. Look into supplementing with polycosanols and fish oils.