New Book – Heal your Gut – Heal your Body

Launched June 2017

“Do I think your gut bacteria could cause cancer? You bet!”

Your gut microbiome becomes ill and then you become ill. And you cannot get better until it gets better. It get´s ill?? You lose good bacteria, and this allows bad bacteria to come out to play. The healthy balance is completely destroyed.

You can lose the good guys because of drugs or antibiotics; or stress, poor diet or too much sugar or salt.



Pathogens (bad bacteria) can then flourish – E. coli has been found in all cases of breast cancer; Fusobacterium in colorectal cancer. The list expands every month!

Worse, you could have a parasite – they can lie dormant within you for more than 20 years before causing their damage according to Maryland Medical School.

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive (and Chris Woollams Health Watch and The Rainbow Diet), wrote his first article on gut bacteria in 2005. Called ´Mother´s little helpers´, it was about the real causes of Colorectal cancer. By 2012 he was writing his best-selling book ´The Secret Source of Your Good health´. Now, this new book follows on from there but goes further, covering all manner of illnesses from Crohn´s to cancer and from diabetes to dementia; but importantly telling you how you can fix things!

Chris looks at all the obvious illnesses in the gut like IBS and colitis, but then explores others you would not readily associate with poor gut bacteria as a cause, like autism, Alzheimer´s, cardiovascular disease, strokes and arthritis.

“This book is incredibly easy to read and so well researched”, said Dr. Andrew Tresidder. “Most importantly, it tells us exactly how to rebuild a healthy gut. It is the single most important thing we all need to know”.

The final thought goes to Chris: “Do I think a damaged microbiome can cause Parkinson´s disease or cancer? You bet! You need to fix your gut flora or microbiome regularly – it´s the most important organ in your body. Just like you service your car! If you don´t, you´re asking for trouble. The book tells you all”.

First Edition launched in Australia Feb 2014

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Heal your Gut – Heal your Body

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