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Now you can REVERSE Type-2 Diabetes

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Now you can REVERSE Type-2 Diabetes

Exciting work from Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University in the UK is showing that Type-2 diabetes can definitely be reversed when employing a consistent diet that ‘wakes up’ the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. This happens at the same moment as the fat content of the pancreas falls below a threshold. Previous studies showed fat build up in the liver caused fat build-up in the pancreas and this stopped insulin release.

Preliminary Clinical Trial produces 100% success

Taylor has already conducted a Clinical Trial with people who had had type-2 diabetes for up to 4 years, and is now doing a much larger 300 person clinical trial. “There’s good reason to believe that longer-duration diabetes can be reversible too”, he says, “although after 15 years not everyone will be able to return to normal glucose control.”  

Basic thinking on Type-2 diabetes held that the pancreas produced lowered levels of insulin insufficient to control blood sugar levels, which then became raised. And that is dangerous. Standard treatment is to provide patients with insulin, often with blood glucose-reducing drugs such as metformin.

Professor Taylor is one of a growing group of experts who believe that the pancreas failure is reversible. In many cases it simply becomes ‘clogged up’ (a biochemical term) by fat, following a similar occurence in the liver.

Indeed his work, coupled with that of Professor Mike Lean of Glasgow University has now proceeded to a full Clinical study of their ‘protocol’ against current standard type-2 diabetes treatment for both the short and long-term.

8 weeks or less to diabetes reversal

In the initial small scale study, all 11 people saw their type-2 diabetes completely reversed, the first in just 11 days; the last in about 8 weeks. What was interesting was the spread of subjects – some appeared in full health. “Some people are unable to cope with even modest amounts of fat in their liver and pancreas.  Type-2 diabetes happens when your personal ‘Fat Threshold’ is exceeded.”

This explains why some people cannot tolerate a little accumulated fat in their liver and pancreas, even those who are neither overweight, nor obese (typical risk factors for diabetes).

The Reversing Type-2 Diabetes protocol

This is not for everyone. It is extreme and causes significant weight loss. It requires some serious self-discipline. But then, the alternative is usually injections and drugs for the rest of your life, with increased risk to your sight and an increased risk of cancer.

Taylor, Professor of Medicine and Metabolism at Newcastle, has shown that the pancreas can be unblocked and cleaned up by going on a radical diet involving no more than 800 calories a day.

600 calories come from liquid juice ‘shakes’ and 200 calories from green non-starchy vegetables. 3 pints of water are consumed each day.

Such a radical diet targets the visceral fat – that in and around organs. A study from Taylor in 2011 (published in Diabetologia) showed that people with type-2 diabetes all reversed their condition in just 8 weeks. The critical moment comes when the patient loses about one-sixth of their body weight! Normal insulin production then resumes. (NB. A ‘normal’ calorie intake is approximately 2500 calories for a male and 1800 for a female.)

Substantial weight loss must be achieved AND self-discipline is required on the part of the patient so that the hard work is not undone in the future.

Patients must talk to their GP before embarking on such a radical diet.

Exercise is helpful, both to lose weight and build muscle which helps reduce plasma glucose. Other experts have suggested food compounds, herbs and supplements (a list can be found in the Starburst article on the right of the Diabetes home page).

Lean, Professor of Human Nutrition at Glasgow University has also been involved in the work on reducing the fat levels of the liver and pancreas.

Now a full Clinical Trial is underway – The DIabetes REmission Clinical Trial (DIRECT). Staff in Newcastle and Glasgow have been trained to teach patients the findings of the COUNTERWEIGHT Project so far.

Long-term weight loss, or long-term drug use? The choice is yours.


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