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icon volume 10 issue 2

Product Information This issue covers issues such as mastectomies, environmental toxins as a cause of cancer, the role of gut bacteria in colorectal cancer and...

icon volume 10 issue 3

Product Information This issue covers Geoff Boycott's cancer 10 years on, top 12 supplements, proton beam therapy, rainbow recipes, epigenetics, repurposing old drugs for new...

icon volume 10 issue 4

Product Information This issue of icon includes "can cannabis cure cancer", black salve, boost your immune system, sugar and cancer, sunshine and the latest news on cancer....

Don’t ignore a gut problem

Recently, I have helped a number of people who have cancer, for whom the underlying problem was another illness over the last five or...

Coeliac disease, celiac disease

What is coeliac disease? According to Official coeliac websites, coeliac (or, celiac) disease is a lifelong ‘auto-immune disease’ caused by gluten. It affects about one...

15 early warning signs you have a gut problem

Few people believe they have a problem in their gut. “Yes, I know someone with IBS or Crohn’s, but not me, I’m fine”. The good...

My Rare Cancer Story at 18

This is a fascinating video that totally deserves at least one viewing...        

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