Live clean - the really smart choice

I have been writing about toxin-free products and quality nutrition for 14 or more years. Why? Because poor nutrition and environmental toxins lie behind ALL of the chronic illnesses that beset the Western World today. The new science of Epigenetics spells that out very, very clearly, as do several reports from the World Health Organisation. There are many studies.

For example - diabetes and obesity have both been linked to in-home chemicals (Click Here).

For example - environmental toxins linked to cardiovascular disease, heart problems and risk of strokes (Click Here)

For example - a clear cause of cancer apart from diet has been determined as your personal environment (Click Here).

I just spent a weekend with some people who have launched a brand new company called MODERE. Even though it was day one, they gained a 28 year heritage from a company they took over - and that original company refused to use even a single chemical of concern in their products - they left out a staggering 3,000 'chemicals of concern', not half a dozen as we see with some high street brands. MODERE has added to this heritage with a host of new, all natural ingredients and modern products.

If you want to understand just how harmful your in-home environment can be Click Here, and Here. These two articles will tell you just how harmful some of your everday ingredients are - from xenoestrogens to nerve damage to chemicals that stop your gut bacteria making essential compounds for your health.

Bottom line: MODERE offers an enormous range of toxin-free products - natural ingredients, clean packaging - and quality nutritional food supplements. The range sells only on-line, but with great style, good prices and promotional offers.

Frankly, it's a game changer; health and online retail.

For example - MODERE also make exactly the UK PROBIOTIC I recommend. Designed by expert Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride it is called PROTOZYMES and contains the three main bacteria I think are essential if you want to Heal Ur Gut. It also has a delivery system to get the fragile bacteria through the stomach, plus exactly the right food to multiply their numbers once in the gut.

In Australia, microbe expert Dr. John Ellerman has developed another probiotic, again, specifically for MODERE. 

As regular readers will know, I never make recommendations or personal endorsements. UNTIL NOW. Products from this 'new' company really are the smart choice - a 'no brainer'. And I've just bought a host of them for myself (like the Men's range) and for my family (like Mineral solutions, sun cream and the skin care range, toothpaste, soaps and shampoos). It's just a natural part of my lifestyle with my organic vegetable garden, solar panels, magnesium swimming pool and more.

So, see for yourself - just click your country flag. I know you'll be impressed. And you can get a Promo Voucher off your first order.

I'm bringing my readers this because 'Live clean' is one smart choice I'm sure you will all want to make. I'm glad I did.

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Here are some examples of chemicals in a normal home right now:                                                                                         

Click here to read about the very real chemical of concern in regular Toothpaste

Click here to read about Estrogen (or, oestrogen) mimics, gender benders or xenoestrogens in your everyday life

Click here to read about the ubiqitous chemical of concern in toiletry and household products that's been linked to immune system, muscle and liver damage, along with hormone disruption and bacterial resistance.