Chris Woollams Personal Natural Selection

Chris Woollams has decided (finally, after 15 years!) to launch some products of his own. Of course they are top quality, made locally and all natural. But in particular he wanted what he calls 'Products with Purpose' designed to do a real job. The first was a ParaFree, because he wanted it to be totally herbal, totally effective and did not want it to contain artemisinin, which can cause liver problems if used over an 8 week period.


Omega 3 - Krill Oil

Chris Woollams Personal Choice: Super Krill Oil 

60 caps

Krill (Norwegian for ‘whale food’) is at the bottom of the food chain. Ours comes from a strain found exclusively in the exceptionally clean waters of Antarctica and we’ve gone for the maximum dose permissible under European legislation. The capsules also contain really good levels of the antioxidant astaxanthin.


Para-Free Plus

Chris Woollams Personal ChoicePara-Free Plus

Chris had his first parasite ‘come out’ in his body when he was 42.  He’d actually been infected in Morocco when he was 28, but then, according to Maryland Medical School, a parasite can lie dormant in your body for 20 years or more.  Chris removed it very successfully with a now defunct product called Parafree, which was a simple mix of highly effective herbs.

Since he has lived in Thailand he has picked up 4 different parasites. They’re on your salads, your ice, in the shower, in meats and very hard to avoid. At a conference where he was speaking he told the audience of doctors that 70 per cent of people in the UK and USA almost certainly have some sort of parasite infection. No one disagreed.

So Chris set out to launch a new version of Parafree – all herbs, that also went further; not just a parasite killer but a complete colon cleanse. He also wanted to avoid artemisinin (sweet wormwood) as parasite mixes are not allowed to carry a full dose by law. With Para-Free Plus, according to the severity of the problem, patients could also take a full dose of artemisinin.

Chris also uses a preventative dose of Para-Free Plus when travelling.



Probiotic (practitioner strength)

Chris Woollams Personal Choice: Probio8 Max

Chris has been talking about gut bacteria since his first article in 2005, so it seemed only natural that he would have clear views on what should be in a ‘good probiotic supplement’.

First, it needs to have several strains of Lactic Acid producing bacteria to keep pathogens in check. Next it needs to have several strains of Bifidobateria –just as you do as a baby. They attack pathogens and defend you; and they make helpful compounds like B vitamins. Finally you need L. rhamnosus, an essential bacterium which conducts the whole orchestra, turning up the good bacteria and turning down the bad guys; plus it repairs holes in your gut.

A good probiotic should contain a ‘delivery system’ to ensure the bacteria get through the acid in the stomach, and into the gut where they can be effective. We also wanted a single pill to have about 20 billion bacteria which is roughly the volume we lose everyday. And we didn’t want any glutamate or sugars to add to the recipient’s problems.

And so we built Probio8 Max – all round a better probiotic



Chris Woollams Personal Choice: Super-Nourish

This is a true Rainbow Foods product. First, we wanted a number of foods that could be a strong base for a ‘green juice’; then we wanted to add sprouted seeds and flaxseed; next, we wanted colourful vegetables and fruits for their bioactive compounds, and finally we did a little polishing – adding certain mushroom extracts and some turmeric. It’s no surprise we called it ‘Super-Nourish’!

You can use it as a base for your own juices, or add water or soy and use Super- Nourish on its own. 

A blend of 35 organic green foods, fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, seeds and bio-active enzymes