Soluble fibre consumption boost the immune system

Soluble fibre consumption boost immune system and reduces inflammation

University of Illinois researchers have shown that the consumption of soluble fibre – typically found in whole oats, apples and nuts – boost the immune system and reduces inflammation in the body. Gregory Freund, a Professor at the College of Medicine talked of how the consumption of soluble fibre ‘calmed’ the immune cells and made them anti-inflammatory.

The researchers also concluded that the amount you needed to consume was perfectly reasonable and not excessive, and that insoluble fibre did not have this effect.

In a further study from the same University, Professor Kelly Swanson found that simply by adding a high fibre snack bar into the subjects diet every day for a month, increased the population of Bacteriodites in the gut, whilst decreasing levels of Firmicutes. Increasing the ratio of the former to the latter, is associated with a lower BMI, and less obesity (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).

It is known that a high fibre diet builds the protective mucus membrane in the gut, whereas a low fibre diet weakens it and exposes the host to diseases such as ulcerative colitis, according to a study by Swedish researchers (Gut magazine).

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