High fructose corn syrup is toxic and destroys your health

Female mice fed a mix of glucose and fructose similar to that consumed by humans in High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) showed toxic symptoms according to new research led by Professor Wayne Potts of the University of Utah

A control group fed sucrose or table sugar had no such symtoms. The toxic group had death rates of 1.87 times the healthier group, and produced about 26.4% less offspring.

The researchers feel that the toxic effect may be due to a change in gut bacteria balance.

Source: Hugentobler S, Ruff J, Potts W, et al. Compared to Sucrose, Previous Consumption of Fructose and Glucose Monosaccharides Reduces Survival and Fitness of Female Mice. The Journal of Nutrition. 2015.