Coffee may reduce colorectal cancer risk!

Coffee and colon cancer

A few years ago when writing an article on colorectal cancer, I rang the leading charity and asked them to provide the reference for why they were telling people that drinking coffee was a risk factor. I could find no research. Of course there have been a number of theories; for example that caffeine causes sugar release from the liver, and blood sugar levels are linked to cancer risk. I’m sure there are more. In the end, the charity admitted they could not find the research that supported their claim either!

Now there is actually research that coffee may do the opposite - it may do you some good.

An Israeli research study involving 8,500 people it would seem that drinking about two cups of coffee each day lowered their risk of colon cancer by about 30 per cent. And, it seems, the more coffee you drink the greater the reduction of risk.

Unfortunately, researchers are not clear why risk is reduced. Is it the compounds contained that are protective, or could it be a stimulus for good gut bacteria; or even something else?