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The official Chris Woollams Health website, where we simply bring you the latest research news on health, so you can start taking control of your health, TODAY!  Our aim is to make this the smart choice in the world of health - no politics, no comment, just helpful research, empowering you to make better health choices starting right now.

Taking control, naturally


Although from time to time, we may bring you news about some of the latest drug developments,  we are far more concerned about what research  shows you can do to prevent or treat illnesses for  yourself. Our aim is to provide easy-to-read; easy-  to-use research news about the natural ways you  can make smarter choices and take control of your  own health.

Letter of the Month


I really must congratulate you. Almost singlehandedly you have put Complementary and Integrative Medicine on the map in the UK. 

Dr Kate James